The OIQ will be on your campus for your career days. Look for the stand to learn more about your future professional order.
The OIQ just “reformatted” its professional examination, which, according to the junior engineers who have taken it, is closer to their reality.

Fact or fiction: Eating can power hearing aids!
Additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing, is a thriving technology for some of the craziest innovative projects. A joint project named +Project is one of them. It was set up in Sliperiet, on the campus of Umeå University, and its ultimate goal is to build homes entirely with 3D printing techniques.
Did you know that it is illegal to use a university degree to mislead others into believing that you are an engineer when you are not a member of the OIQ? Examples include B.Eng., bachelor of engineering and any other degree with the word “engineer” in it, as well as its abbreviation “Eng.”

September 2015

Dear Students,
It is a great pleasure to write to you for the first time. I was elected President of the OIQ on August 27 to take over from Robert Sauvé, Eng., FEC, who stepped down from the office in mid-August.

As you know, we are working hard to make the OIQ more efficient and transparent, and this transformation is already benefitting you in several ways!
Dave Whitlock , an American chemical engineer and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate says he has not showered for 12 years in order to preserve the bacteria on his skin.