Additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing, is a thriving technology for some of the craziest innovative projects. A joint project named +Project is one of them. It was set up in Sliperiet, on the campus of Umeå University, and its ultimate goal is to build homes entirely with 3D printing techniques.
+Project’s target audience is small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction and timber sector, as well as highly creative markets such as architecture, design and information science. This will allow entrepreneurs, creators and businesses to work with university and research institutes on developing prototypes for products and services based on Sliperiet infrastructures and regional raw materials. These prototypes will then be marketed by businesses and entrepreneurs in the region. When the project ends in 2018, a centre of expertise in sustainable construction and an international exhibition will be created to position the region as the leader of digital manufacturing and sustainable construction.

Source: Umeå University

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