Looking for discounts?
Imagine that you are an engineer. A supplier offers you a personal discount if you choose its products rather than its competitors' products. Naturally, you do not accept the offer because it would violate your profession’s code of ethics. Ethics and values, do you know the difference?
Values and professional ethics are different, yet highly complementary.

Ethics is a set of duties and obligations that professionals must observe in the practice of their profession. These rules are mainly enacted to ensure the protection of the public and set guidelines for relations between professionals and clients and the profession, as illustrated in the example of the discount.

However, values are individual and expressed through actions, words and attitudes. They motivate you to act in one way rather than another. For example, if you value honesty, you are motivated not to lie, even when you have an opportunity to benefit from a lie.

As you can see, earning the public's trust is easy! You simply need to adhere to both values and ethics.

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Section: Professionnalisme, éthique et déontologie
Chapter: Le Code de déontologie et les obligations de l’ingénieur