Dear Students,
The first issue of the year revisits the topic of illegal engineering practice in order to answer specific questions raised in the December article.
The core concerns of the OIQ's Board of Directors are to integrate future engineers in the profession and assist them, as shown by the ENG2020 Plan that we adopted last December. In fact, our 2017-2020 strategic plan includes actions that could affect you at the end of your studies when you begin your professional career.
In the coming years, the OIQ hopes to modernize access to the profession and the junior engineer period. This period, a key step in the process of joining the profession, is a learning period that leads to an engineer's permit and, by extension, full-fledged engineer status. During this period, junior engineers must pass the professional examination, demonstrate 36 months of experience in engineering and have appropriate knowledge of the French language.
To better assist junior engineers with this crucial step in the process of joining the profession, the OIQ intends to implement:
  • a more personalized approach;
  • an integration program to assist junior engineers;
  • tools to assist them in obtaining their engineer's permit and becoming full-fledged engineers (guides, interactive platform, training activities). 
In other words, the OIQ is preparing to welcome you and we will let you know when these plans have materialized. Until then, stay informed of the changes at the OIQ and in the profession, especially by reading this newsletter.
Have an excellent start to the year and happy reading!
Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA
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