Dear Students,
Are you familiar with the “30 in 30” initiative? Engineers Canada launched it last year to ensure that 30% of new engineers will be women by 2030.
How close is Québec to reaching this target? How do we compare to the rest of Canada? The latest statistics reveal that Québec is above the Canadian average, as 18% of its new engineers are women. Québec is doing better than its next-door neighbours Ontario (14%) and New Brunswick (15%). The map below provides an overview of the situation in all provinces and territories of Canada.
The fact that we are above the Canadian average is encouraging. But we are still far from reaching the goal. Therefore, we need to continue efforts to promote the profession to young people. The OIQ and the volunteers on our regional committees are doing their part in that sense. For example:
  • The OIQ participates in career days at secondary schools and CEGEPs and supports an event aimed at encouraging girls to take in an interest in science ("Les filles et les sciences");
  • Regional committees organize presentations given by volunteer women engineers to teenaged and young women aged 12 to 18.

Women who choose engineering choose wisely. An extensive survey conducted by the OIQ in 2009 revealed that women engineers are just as happy at work as their male colleagues. More than four out of five women said that the profession is welcoming.
Let’s all do our part to reach the 30 in 30 goal!
Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA

Image source: Engineer Canada