The professional examination is a necessary instructional step for all junior engineers who want to become full-fledged engineers. Studying for it provides you with a great deal of knowledge not generally acquired in the field yet still essential to properly practice engineering. In this way, the examination helps future engineers become true professionals.

What is the purpose of this three-part examination?
  • To familiarize you with Québec’s professional system (the Professional Code, the Engineers Act and the regulations that apply to engineers); 
  • To acquaint you with the principles of professional practice, the concepts of ethics and professional conduct, the role and obligations of engineers in society, the social impact of technology, sustainable development, etc.; 
  • To provide you with basic legal knowledge of civil liability, contract law, intellectual property, general commercial law, occupational safety, etc.

How should you prepare for it?

First, finish your bachelor of engineering program. Once you become a junior engineer, you can start studying for your professional examination using the detailed study aid provided by the OIQ. It covers subjects that are now essential in contemporary engineering practice, such as ethics, the environment and professional responsibilities. Studying for the examination will help you understand the relevance of your future role as a professional and the related responsibilities. To be continued!