The OIQ offers its sincerest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims of the January 29 attack at a Quebec City mosque, including Khaled Belkacemi.
An OIQ member since 2002, Mr. Belkacemi was a full professor in the Soil and Agri-Food Engineering Department of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Université Laval.
His wife, Safia Hamoudi, is a full professor in the same department and also an OIQ member. The entire profession is in mourning as a result of this tragedy.
Khaled Belkacemi was greatly appreciated by many students, researchers and colleagues, who wanted to pay tribute to him in this newsletter.
Valentin Leroy
Student in the Master of Food Science program with dissertation.
Senior Technician in Sensory Analysis Techniques and Methods.

“It can usually be said that a professor who is responsible for a student and works with him or her on a research project is willing to listen, guide, advise and steer that student. Khaled Belkacemi embodied and transcended all of these qualities and made sure that our research project on the decontamination of organic wheat grain went as well as possible. He was able to direct me in this area while continuing to think innovatively and inventively by using technology such as ultrasounds to reduce the contamination rate of funguses on grains. I will remember Professor Khaled Belkacemi as someone who was dedicated to scientific research and the welfare of his team, which made him an exemplary engineer who was respected by his colleagues and me."
Nasima Chorfa, PhD
Soil and Agri-Food Engineering Department – Université Laval

“Professor Khaled Belkacemi was an outstanding supervisor and it was a privilege to contribute to his innovative research projects. We specifically worked on limiting unhealthy trans fat acids in hydrogenated vegetable oils, in collaboration with the Leclerc Cookies company, and the extraction of antioxidants in wild blueberries from Lac Saint-Jean with the Québec Industrial Research Centre. These projects earned us scientific recognition when we published articles, participated in international conferences and prepared patents with a significant economic impact. I would like to emphasize just how much I admired his expertise as an agri-food engineer, as well as his generosity and humanity.”
Antoine Karam
Director of the Soil and Agri-Food Engineering Department

"The community of the Soil and Agri-Food Engineering Department was stunned and saddened to learn of the tragic passing of its colleague Khaled Belkacemi at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City on January 29, 2017. Khaled was an experienced professor-researcher who was recognized by both the national and international scientific community, and greatly respected by peers. He was a rigorous and demanding teacher, and dedicated to training Québec, Canadian and international students, as well as to the advancement of science in the fields of food engineering research. Our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Professor Khaled Belkacemi."