Dear Students,

The Charbonneau Commission will publish its final report by the end of the month. This final phase of its activities since 2011 should draw a lot of attention from the media and the public at large, including our future members.
The Commission definitely succeeded in shedding light on the fact that Quebec society was ill-equipped to deal with the situations that were revealed. Now it remains to be seen what potential solutions will be recommended by the Commission to prevent the situation of the last several years from recurring in Québec.

To better support engineers in handling ethical issues, the OIQ has already implemented several measures: the 1 877 ÉTHIQUE hotline, the mandatory professionalism course, a revised professional practice guide, improved professional inspection… No one can say that the OIQ has simply stood by and watched this situation unfold without doing anything.

Do we need to do even more? One thing is certain, the OIQ will take the time to fully understand the recommendations of the report before determining the best way to proceed. Making rash promises in all directions without weighing the pros and the cons will hardly restore confidence and may even put us right back in the same tumultuous situation.

Watch for the next editions of this publication to find out what happens next!
Jean-François M. (Jeff) Proulx, Eng., P.Eng., MBA, PMP