Dear Students,
In this issue, the OIQ kicks off a series of videos that will help you better understand how we carry out our mission of protecting the public every day.
Released this month, the first video discusses our Unlawful Practice Supervision Department. This department’s team mainly works to prevent violations of the Engineers Act that could put the public at risk. This public protection mechanism applies to acts that are performed by people who are not OIQ members. Four other mechanisms

In upcoming editions, we will present the four other public protection mechanisms that apply to members of the profession:

•    admission process and junior engineer assistance;
•    professional practice supervision and inspection;
•    guidance and monitoring of competency development and maintenance (continuing education);
•    inquiries into behaviours considered improper under the Code of Ethics of Engineers or the Professional Code.

While there are differences between professional orders, similar mechanisms apply to all of the 54 regulated professions in Québec, and the Office des professions du Québec (OPQ)–an independent government agency–monitors the orders’ activities in this respect.

The iron ring does not make you an engineer!

I will close by congratulating all graduating students who will receive their iron ring this year.

The “engineer commitment ceremonies” began on October 27 and will continue throughout the academic year. Members of the OIQ’s Board of Directors participate in many of these iron ring ceremonies held by the Corporation of Seven Wardens, an organization independent from the OIQ.

While celebrating this unforgettable moment, my colleagues use this event to remind new graduates that even though they now wear the iron ring, they are still not engineers. As you know, only OIQ members who have completed the junior engineer period may use the title of engineer.

I look forward to seeing you become members of the OIQ!

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Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA