Dear Students,
Competence, ethics, responsibility and social commitment are the four fundamental values of our profession. These values must be embodied every day and Ingénieurs Sans frontières Québec (ISFQ) is a good example of this.
I recently participated in the benefit event to support this organization and would like to salute people like engineering graduate Myriam Tamisier (read her interview in this issue) who help promote our profession across several continents.  

Through its projects, ISFQ is present in countries with a wide range of realities and needs. Just imagine everything that can be achieved! On the one hand, you have developing societies with glaring needs of all kinds. On the other, you have a highly diverse profession that can make a unique and meaningful contribution to improve the living conditions in these communities. ISFQ acts as a catalyst between these needs and the wide-ranging expertise of Québec engineering.
Combining generosity and scientific rigor is within your reach. Choose your cause and get involved!
Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA