From recipient of a Student Award of Merit in 2013 to junior engineer

In April 2013, while still an electrical engineering student at the Université de Sherbrooke, Myriam was awarded the 3rd Student Award of Merit by the OIQ.
“It was nice to be recognized for my academic efforts, but also my social commitment," she confided to us. Not only did her grades set her apart, but Myriam also helped promote science and technology to young people by being actively involved in the Robotics First program.

In addition to the recognition, the award for $3,000 gave her a “nice bit of help" in completing her 4-month unpaid internship in Africa. In fact, from September to December 2013, Myriam participated with 5 other Université de Sherbrooke students in a storage silo construction project at an agricultural cooperative in Burkina Faso.

After this international experience, Myriam finished her bachelor’s degree in December 2014 and was hired by Hydro-Québec in February 2015. This new OIQ member is part of the Planning and Strategy team in the main network of the TransEnergy Division, where she conducts studies to determine the projects that need be carried out to ensure the reliability of the network as the production and load increase.

As a young professional, Myriam plans to continue her involvement in Robotics First. “I really enjoyed my social involvement as a student, which allowed me to build a network of contacts and develop my skills as an effective communicator and team player," concluded Myriam.