Dear Students,
Competence, ethics, responsibility and social commitment are the four fundamental values of our profession. These values must be embodied every day and Ingénieurs Sans frontières Québec (ISFQ) is a good example of this.
I recently participated in the benefit event to support this organization and would like to salute people like engineering graduate Myriam Tamisier (read her interview in this issue) who help promote our profession across several continents.
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Why did you volunteer with Ingénieurs sans frontières Québec?
I have known Engineers Without Borders for many years because there were EWB groups in several cities in France and Belgium. I really like the organization. Awhile after I arrived in Québec, I contacted the Executive Director to offer her my time and propose some of my personal projects. After 4 months of volunteering, I was hired!
Did you read the story in PLAN about Miles, the highly enterprising engineer, who makes some bad decisions and may kick himself for them? If you haven’t already done so, read “le jeu des 10 erreurs.” (in French only)
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November 2016

It pays to volunteer
Did you know that social commitment is one of the four fundamental values of engineers? Examples of social commitment include:
  • acting as a responsible citizen;
  • showing positive leadership to your colleagues;
  • sharing your knowledge and experience within your professional community;
  • putting your expertise to good use in public debates.
What are some concrete examples of social commitment? For Myriam Tamisier, a young ETS graduate, social commitment means being attentive to her community while practicing her profession. In the article "Meet…," she talks about her social commitment experience, in which she went from volunteer to Assistant Director of Ingénieurs sans frontières Québec in just four months.
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Interested in being a volunteer abroad and working on projects involving access to water, education and energy with Ingénieurs sans frontières Québec? Watch Myriam Tamisier in this video (In French only), which will give you a better idea of this organization.