Professional inspection is one of 5 mechanisms used by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec to protect the public. For beginning professionals, professional inspection is an opportunity to receive seasoned advice from an OIQ inspector who is also an engineer.

Alice Vien-Bélanger, Eng., Head of the OIQ’s Practice Supervision Department, explains what you can learn from a professional inspection.
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Our sincerest congratulations to Simon Amiot, Pierre-Luc Bouillon, Anthony Gagnon-Proulx and Anthony Bisson, four mechanical engineering 
and in electromechanical systems engineering students from the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) who won the prestigious Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) on March 11 at Ryerson University in Toronto!
The winning team competed in the "consulting engineering" category.

What was their challenge?
As part of the 2018 regional tour, OIQ President Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA, will be on Québec's campuses from February 5 to April 5.

This tour will give you an opportunity to learn more about:
  • the new program that assists engineering graduates with entering the profession. 
  • the changes in the public’s perception of the profession. 
  • the measures taken to help internationally trained professionals gain admission to the profession more easily.
55% of undergraduate students completed some type of WIL during their studies in 2015, according to the Canadian University Survey Consortium.

For that matter, Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada defines work-integrated learning (WIL) as “a model and process of education which formally and intentionally integrates a student’s academic studies with learning in a workplace or practice setting.”
For three months, from February to April, the OIQ's President is on the road, meeting students at their faculties and schools of engineering across Québec.

Come in large numbers to talk to her and find out all the new measures the OIQ is taking to better welcome you to the profession.

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January-february 2018

Vahana, the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft that Airbus is developing, conducted its first successful fully autonomous test flight. However, it lasted only 53 seconds. So is this flying taxi really ready to revolutionize the future of urban transportation?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) teams at Baidu, China's equivalent of Google, have created a program that can clone voices after only a few seconds of analysis using a neural network. This AI is not only capable of imitating a voice it has heard but also of changing its gender or accent, as demonstrated in these recordings.

This innovation could be used for mute individuals, personal digital assistants, or translation services. However, in the wrong hands, this voice cloning technology could be used for fraud.
From January 3 to 7, OIQ President Kathy Baig, Eng., and an OIQ team attended the 2018 Engineering Games at Université Laval that were organized by the Québec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO).

For this interuniversity competition, some 400 students from faculties of engineering across the province came together in the spirit of true camaraderie.