Between January and May, OIQ President Robert Sauvé, Eng., FEC, and new OIQ Executive Director Chantal Michaud, Eng., crossed Québec as part of an extensive Regional Tour, the first of its scale in the history of the OIQ.
On May 25, OIQ President Robert Sauvé, Eng., FEC, met with the members of Club Énergie-ÉTS, an engineering student association at the École de technologie supérieure, who are interested in key energy issues. At this event, Mr. Sauvé gave a speech in which he specifically discussed the goals that Québec should set in its next energy policy.
From recipient of a Student Award of Merit in 2013 to junior engineer

In April 2013, while still an electrical engineering student at the Université de Sherbrooke, Myriam was awarded the 3rd Student Award of Merit by the OIQ.
In 2015, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec Foundation is celebrating its fifth year of existence.

Its Scholarships for the Future program is in full swing. To date, the Foundation has helped 128 future engineers by distributing over $363,000 in scholarships. Volunteers are hard at work to improve our performance because it is necessary to ensure that there will be future generations of engineers.
The report, Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025, has been released last June by Engineers Canada, provides province-level projections of supply and demand for engineers. The forecast is for more than 100,000 engineering job openings in Canada between now and 2025 as engineers retire and the economy continues to grow.
A young Finnish engineer has created a shower that can collect and filter water in real time to avoid wasting it.
Québec society as a whole relies on the competence of its 60,000 engineers to contribute innovative solutions to a multitude of real needs. However, not much is said about the daily work and accomplishments of these professionals.Whenever these topics have been discussed in recent years, it was often in reaction to the disgraceful deeds of a small group of engineers uncovered during the Charbonneau Commission hearings. ​
The review of the Engineers Act is an issue of concern for many engineers and future OIQ members, and with good reason. In fact, the current Act dates back to 1964 and no longer adequately reflects the developments occurring in the profession over the last half-century.