Become a mentor and build a robot with secondary students!

The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec is proud to team up with FIRST Robotics Québec.
Write down these preliminary dates in your planner!

November-December 2015

The open design of the building exposes its steel structure and offers insight into how it was conceived.

November-December 2015

Dutch firm VolkerWessels says it wants to create the first recycled plastic road in three years.
The OIQ will attend the next Québec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO) congress

The QCESO congress will be held on November 21. This event will be attended by the heads of student associations at all schools and faculties of engineering in Québec.
This event is intended to support the projects carried out in developing countries by Québec engineers.

New OIQ President Jean-François M. (Jeff) Proulx, Eng., attended the 2015 benefit event of Engineers Without Borders Québec (ISFQ) in October.
Watch this video by a team of Greek engineers, architects and archeologists who have created an ambitious plan to rebuild the emblematic Colossus of Rhodes in Greece.

Hurry, the deadline for submitting your application is November 26!