Why did you volunteer with Ingénieurs sans frontières Québec?
I have known Engineers Without Borders for many years because there were EWB groups in several cities in France and Belgium. I really like the organization. Awhile after I arrived in Québec, I contacted the Executive Director to offer her my time and propose some of my personal projects. After 4 months of volunteering, I was hired!
Did you know that social commitment is one of the fundamental values of engineers?
To me, it is entirely logical for there to be a connection between my future profession and my social commitment. I am someone who has always volunteered. I volunteered for projects with the City of Montreal, the Quartier de l’innovation, community centres, etc. I concentrated on innovation and active citizenship in my master’s program at the ÉTS. People who know me say that working for ISFQ is a good fit for the person I am because it involves both social commitment and engineering.
How do you make sure that students who volunteer are not practicing engineering illegally?
All students who participate in ISFQ programs are under the direct supervision of an engineer, which allows them to create corporate internships for credit. We cannot send an expert assessment for an engineering project without a professional being involved in it. The ratio is often 3 students to 2 professionals. Also, about twenty weeks of work is done under the supervision of an engineer before a field mission.