The OIQ will attend the next Québec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO) congress

The QCESO congress will be held on November 21. This event will be attended by the heads of student associations at all schools and faculties of engineering in Québec.
Line Paquette, Head of Profession Development, will represent the OIQ and give a presentation on the new structure of her department, which is aimed at maximizing the OIQ's presence across Québec through its regional committees. The Profession Development Department is also responsible for running the OIQ’s Student Section. Ms. Paquette will take advantage of this event to meet with the vice presidents of external affairs of your student associations who also serve as the OIQ's representatives on your campuses. She will explain the various activities that are being carried out to improve communication and collaboration between engineering students and the OIQ.
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