Dear Students,
Montreal is celebrating its 375th anniversary this year, and your future professional order highlighted the event during its recent Annual Conference.
Two engineers who managed the illumination of Jacques Cartier Bridge presented the technical challenges of the project, which required the assistance of around sixty expert engineers to handle its structural, electrical, environmental, telecommunications and traffic aspects. Every night, starting on May 17, the bridge will be illuminated by smart, interactive lighting that will change with the seasons. Want to know more about the illumination project before its official kickoff? The numbers published in the May-June issue of PLAN magazine (in French) will help you grasp the scale of this project.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the students who helped make the Conference a success by lending a helping hand to our logistics team.
Several other projects developed for Montreal’s 375th anniversary could be showcased: the new pavilion of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the partial covering of the Ville-Marie Expressway and the rehabilitation of the Iberville passenger terminal…All these projects–and many others!–bear the hallmark of engineers who practice their profession in many different fields of practice.
Over 35,000 of the 62,000 OIQ members who contribute to Québec's economy are active in the Greater Montreal Area, including 18,000 on the Island of Montreal alone. These thousands of engineers, its five schools and faculties of engineering, and its world-class engineering firms make Greater Montreal a key engineering hub in North America and the world.
Take advantage of this anniversary to celebrate engineers' contributions to the achievements that have marked Montreal throughout its history! And let’s keep coming up with innovations that improve the daily lives of people both here and abroad.
Happy 375th to all Montrealers!
Kathy Baig, Eng., FEC, MBA