Back to school and budgets

You are in school because you care about your future. But remember to look after yourself first, starting with your personal finances. Your finances are the key to your success, and the perfect time to start budgeting smartly is at the beginning of the school year. So here are a few tips that will turn you into a financial whiz!
How do you create your budget?
The important thing when making your budget is to be honest about how much you really spend. Clothes, entertainment, haircare, etc.: It has to cover everything! Take your list of current transactions and compare it to examples of typical budgets. List your income and expenses separately to see where changes need to be made.
Do you spend a lot on meals at restaurants?
Change your habits! Eating a meal that costs about $20 at a restaurant three times a week means you are spending nearly $3,000 per year. If you calculate it right, that amount just about covers your tuition for a session!
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