Did you know that it is illegal to use a university degree to mislead others into believing that you are an engineer when you are not a member of the OIQ? Examples include B.Eng., bachelor of engineering and any other degree with the word “engineer” in it, as well as its abbreviation “Eng.”
A title is used to describe a person’s position or job. It refers to an office, an appointment, a university degree or even a professional qualification. "Engineer" is a title that falls into the last category.
Signing “Eng.” means that you are an OIQ member

In Québec’s professional system, the term “engineer” is exclusively reserved for members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. In Québec, its use is strictly regulated by the Engineers Act.

After completing your engineering program and obtaining your junior engineer’s permit, and then your engineer’s permit, you may proudly write “Eng.” after your name…without having to sugar-coat the truth!

To find out more: Professional practice guide – Using the title (in French only).