Did you know that in Québec, no one may practice the engineering profession or use the title of engineer without being a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec? That is why the OIQ makes sure that the law is upheld, in the public interest.

The most frequent unlawful practice charges concern:
  • unlawful use of the reserved title or its abbreviation;
  • unlawful practice of the profession;
  • use of plans and specifications that have not been signed or sealed;
  • work that is not executed under the control of an engineer;
  • use of an illegal company name;
  • and illegal authentication by means of a seal, signature or initials.
Although these practices may sometimes be caused by ignorance of the laws and regulations that govern the profession, they can also be intentional. That is why the OIQ tries to prevent and discourage unlawful practice. See how the OIQ goes about this by watching the video on preventing and discouraging unlawful practice.