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In this video (in French), Me Patrick Marcoux, Head of the Legislation and Litigation Department at the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, explains the main cases of illegal practice that you may encounter and gives you some tips on how to avoid a messy situation! 
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Dear Students,
For the final issue of the year, the OIQ has prepared a feature story on the illegal practice of engineering. As you will see, the actions that fall within the definition of illegal practice are quite easy to take. Take some time to acquaint yourself with these concrete examples of situations you should avoid!
A light bridge… made of steel
Université Laval’s Structure team (ÉSUL), whose dozen or so members are all captivated by civil engineering structures, has participated for over 10 years in the challenge posed by the Student Steel Construction Competition: build the lightest possible 20-foot-long steel bridge with minimal deformation under a 2,500-pound load in record time.

December 2016

The OIQ’s Board of Directors, management and staff wish you Happy Holidays! (in French)
Despite your best intentions, it is quite easy to put yourself in a situation where you are practicing illegally. For instance, simply referring to your degree with the abbreviation B. Eng. or M. Eng. when you are not an OIQ member is a case of illegal practice. In other words, if you act in a way that leads others to believe that you are an engineer, when you are not an OIQ member, you are practicing illegally.
Here are a few common examples of illegal practice that you might encounter and some tips on how to avoid them.
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