Our sincerest congratulations to Simon Amiot, Pierre-Luc Bouillon, Anthony Gagnon-Proulx and Anthony Bisson, four mechanical engineering 
and in electromechanical systems engineering students from the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) who won the prestigious Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) on March 11 at Ryerson University in Toronto!
The winning team competed in the "consulting engineering" category.

What was their challenge?
To win this competition, the four young men had to propose a new distribution network for an Amazon-type company that wanted to set up shop in greater Toronto. The environmental conservation aspect of their project apparently really pleased the competition's judges.
Another UQAR team also mounted the podium at the Canadian Engineering Competition. Antoine CôtéMarc-André CussonJérémie Morneau and Martin Rioux earned third place in the "senior design" category with their robotic fire truck. 

UQAR students accounted for 25% of Québec's participants at this competition.

Source :  Uquebec.ca