Francis-Benoît Pelletier, CHRP, who heads the Human Resource Department at the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, gives you advice on tools and methods you can use to find your dream job. On your marks, get set, read!
The search for the ideal job is particularly nerve-wracking. Economic conditions, depending on your field, are not always favourable and organizations may be reluctant to hire. In tougher conditions, some companies adopt short-term thinking and overlook younger professionals for the more experienced ones. That is why it is especially important to demonstrate your worth when you apply. Just like a product before it is marketed, you need to be able to work on your market release. (Anstett, 2016.)

Set yourself apart
Before even beginning your job search, differentiate between companies with the corporate profile you would like to include in your search and those that you would never work at...not even under torture! This will help you avoid organizations where you will not be happy and will immediately want to quit.
Think about your skills and achievements as well. Look for development opportunities and what you would do differently. Basically, determine what sets you apart from other, even more experienced applicants, and what creates your worth. And yes, this is even possible when you’re fresh out of school.
One of the tools you should not overlook is definitely your network. You start developing it before you enter the job market, as you make friends and meet colleagues at internships and student jobs. Once in you’re in the market, take advantage of every opportunity not only to expand it, but also maintain it. Although your network clearly does not replace your skills, it is still a major asset. If no one knows you have skills, you will not get the expected results. You need to be aware that companies use word-of-mouth as a recruitment strategy when it comes time to finding the best applicant.

Let’s review
  1. Do your own marketing
  2. Determine your strengths
  3. Build your network.