Work or study, why not do both?
Vickie Gemme, CRHA, Human Resource Business Partner, gives you some valuable advice on how to SUCCEED across the board.
1. Carefully self-evaluate your ability to balance the two. This will allow you to:
  • learn about and acquire some experience in the job market.
  • better define your professional aspirations and interests.
  • develop your network of professional contacts.
2. Avoid traps by being proactive. For instance, you can:
  • let your employer know in advance when intensive periods of exams or assignments are coming up.
  • work only outside of course hours.
  • create one calendar that includes important dates and deadlines for both your job and your studies.
3. Choose your job based on certain criteria. For example:
  • Look for a company that has similar values to yours.
  • Get a job that is close to your home or your university.
  • Find your potential employer, once you have finished your studies.
Work and study… You now have the keys to SUCCEED!