Student Award of Merit

Liane Bernstein is interested in medical imaging methods, and this September, she will begin the Ph.D. program at MIT in Boston.

For Liane Bernstein, innovation is at the core of engineering physics, and engineering physicists have a responsibility to help design new technologies, to the best of their abilities, in order to improve the quality of life of humans and protect the Earth.
This has been her trajectory since the beginning of her studies at Polytechnique Montreal. Until now, she has been particularly interested in medical imaging. In fact, she has helped write several articles on various imaging methods, given presentations, and completed research internships both in the academic world and in industry. She plans to continue her studies in the field of biophotonics in the United States and come back to Québec once she has earned her Ph.D. Her goal: advance knowledge of the human body.
As someone who cares about the future of the planet and advocates sustainable development, Liane Bernstein is a member of PolySphère environmental club. Her community service focuses on future engineers: As part of the sponsorship program of the Marianne-Mareschal Chair, she encourages a second-year student to continue her studies; she also represents the Engineering Physics program at Polytechnique Montreal’s open house event.
Liane Bernstein has an outstanding grade point average of 3.99 out of 4.00. She has received a number of scholarships, such as three research awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Previously, she played flute and piccolo in the Orchestre symphonique des jeunes de Montréal and now plays for fun.